S H E L D O N R I L E Y 

Sheldon Riley's mesmerising and emotional sound paired with his original Avant-Garde style have truly laid the foundation for a disruptive entry into the music industry making him one of Australia’s most notable up and coming artists. 


A singer songwriter from humble beginnings, Sheldon is a perfect example of pushing through adversity and pain to solidify your dreams.


Forging a strong, authentic and inclusive path since establishing himself as a musician and artist to remember during his performances on Australian and US television. 

Off the back of his acclaimed appearances, Sheldon has garnered significant praise and following with his original sound and style. Riley follows his first two single releases with his latest offering ‘AGAIN’, a confession to self sabotage and torment. The orchestral, emotional and new-age cinematic vibe has the heart of a SIA track with the modern soundscapes from the likes of FKA Twigs. Riley’s original music showcases his empathetic and impactful song writing abilities along with his exquisite and captivating vocals.