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S H E L D O N R I L E Y 

His captivating and emotional sound paired with his original Avant-Garde style truly laid the foundation for singer/songwriter Sheldon Riley to make a disruptive entry into the music industry. Following his world-renowned appearances on The Voice Australia and America’s Got Talent, Riley forged his own path, at all times unwavering in his need to connect authentically through his artistry. 


In 2022, the 23-year-old Australian Born, Spanish Filipino secured his goal in representing Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest, releasing his breathtaking and emotionally driven song ‘Not The Same’. The lyrics of which stemming directly from a harrowing letter written by Sheldon to himself at the age of 14, a letter of pain and hope for a new beginning, a reminder that ‘The Light Shines Bright Through Those Who Broke Inside’. His truly personal vocal performance, fashion and song writing ability all resonated worldwide, garnering significant praise in Global publications VOGUE, Billboard and Rolling Stone. 


Between writing and recording in Europe, Sheldon was invited to compete on the hit Australian television program ‘The Masked Singer’, returning home, Riley blazed his way through to the final 2 with one enchanting performance after the other. Yet again stunning audiences globally with his incomparable and breathtaking talent. 


Currently hard at work on his eagerly awaited Debut Album, which is set for release 2023, Sheldon is fixed on showing audiences his most raw and beautifully melodic sound yet.

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